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Why Have Your Quilt Appraised?

  1. You want to give the quilt as a gift. To ensure your recipient can more fully appreciate the gift, have it appraised. 
  2. You want to distribute your estate equitably to your heirs.
  3. You want to donate a quilt to a non-profit organization such as school, church, or your guild.
  4. You want to sell a quilt and have no idea what might be a realistic value.
  5. You are curious. You have limited or no knowledge of the quilt or quilt top and want to learn more.
  6. Insurance replacement cost. You want to add the quilt to your homeowner’s policy and need the appraisal as documentation of the value should it need to be replaced with similar like-and-kind.
  7. Your quilt has been accepted in a show where it will be exhibited and/or you need to mail it. 



(All lectures include trunk shows)

Why Have Your Quilts Appraised?
Discusses the 3 types of appraisals as well as various reasons to have your vintage and contemporary quilts appraised. 

Threads of Time: A History of Quilting
Explores the history of quilting in the United States and the historical events that helped shape quilt development.

 Quilted Clothing 

Traces the development of and reasons for quilted clothing. The program concludes with a style show of quilted designer jackets. 

Tell Me About My Vintage Quilt
Members of your group bring in their quilts to share their history and learn more about their own treasures.

Embroidered Quilts
Shares the rise and fall in popularity of this technique with examples from each high point. 

Quilts of the 1930’s
Discusses various popular patterns of the time along with information about famous quilters and designers with examples of their patterns.

Other topics available upon special request

 Judging Services
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Restore or repair your quilt--by appointment only